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Truck II - Liftoff Sequence
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by margaret e. douglas

directed by danilo gambini

production dramaturgy by madeline charne


scenic design by sarah karl
sound design by emily duncan wilson 


march 2019

yale cabaret satellite festival


Sound used in this show was run off of QLab running off a laptop hidden in the center console of the 1990 Chevrolet Suburban, triggered via a MIDI controller by the driver seat actor, and was sent to 1990s computer monitors mounted on the dashboard. A boombox played cassette tapes, the voice of the Truck came over a walkie talkie from a voice actor in a car parked at a different site. A three-way phone call between the Truck, the actor playing the moon and the voice actor allowed for show feed to reach the other two actors. The baby unit of a baby monitor sat on the dash, and the parent unit was given to the people sitting in the back row of seats in the truck for added audibility. 

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